Terms of Service

  • Introduction
    1 Contract
    By joining or using the Services of FrontFoot.jobs confirms you are entering into a legally binding contract which includes agreeing to all of the following terms and conditions and Privacy Policy. This includes how we use and store your personal information. Should you not agree with the terms and conditions laid out do not join or use the service. If you wish to remove your personal information from the site please contact us to exercise your right to have all data removed without question.

    This is a contract concerning FrontFoot.Jobs and any sites related to this.
  • Jobs
    By using FrontFoot.Jobs you are entering into this Contract with FrontFoot.Jobs (we or us). FrontFoot.Jobs is a British company.

    This Contract applies to Members and Visitors.
    All Visitors and/or Members of our Services agree to the collection, use and sharing of their personal data subject to this Privacy Policy
  • 2 Members and Visitors
    By signing up and using FrontFoot.Jobs you become a member - should you not sign up you will be classed as a visitor only.
  • 3 Update of Policy
    Be aware of changes by reviewing often.

    This contract and the enclosed Privacy Policy may be updated or amended from time to time we advise you to review these Terms and Conditions to ensure you are fully aware of any amendments.
  • Obligations
    2.1 Service Eligibility
    When signing up to FrontFoot.Jobs there are obligations required to ensure the ‘good practise’ of the site for all visitors.

    These Services are exclusively for those over 18 years of age
    Any job posted must be real, viable and available - all jobs must be removed when they are no longer available.
  • All personal information gathered through the use of FrontFoot.Jobs remains private and will be treated with due respect to the individual's privacy - at minimum to the legal required by law. You agree to use a strong, secure and private password to ensure the security of all members.
  • 2 Your FrontFoot.Jobs Account
    Every account is created for the use of a single user and can not be shared without written consent from FrontFoot.Jobs admin team except as part of a ‘company account’. Each member is responsible for any breaches caused due to your own negligence while using FrontFoot.Jobs such as sharing information, insecure password usage etc. In case of a breach you must report the concern immediately to the admin team at FrontFoot.Jobs.

    2.3 Payment
    All rights to service are based on prepayment of all fees owed for services purchased. When signing up for a service these services will attract VAT on top of the prices offered if located in the United Kingdom. The services will terminate on ‘non payment’ of your account and access to all information will cease with immediate effect.
  • As a general rule there is a no refund policy however in exceptional circumstances this can be reviewed on a ‘case by case’ basis if required.
  • If using a payment method for a subscription the payment method used will continue to be used until it is superseded by yourself. It is your responsibility to ensure the payment method has not expired to ensure your service is not stopped.
  • All payment amounts which are made to the FrontFoot.Life charity will be clearly stated on your invoice.

    4 Messaging
    From time to time we will need to notify you of any important changes to the terms and conditions, new applicants who have applied for your roles or similar roles you have advertised or a special offer is being launched etc. To this end we assume permission to message or email you using your contact information or through the FrontFoot.Jobs platform messaging service. If you prefer to reduce the amount of messages received you may amend this by contacting us admin@FrontFoot.jobs with the title ‘Messaging’.


  • Rights and Limits
    3.1. FrontFoot.Jobs rights

    As a member of FrontFoot.Jobs you retain full legal rights to your information, you can amend or delete it at any time. However by adding the information to FrontFoot.Jobs you give permission for FrontFoot.Jobs to use the information within the site as part of your account and as agreed with you regarding advertising.

    All of your information must comply with our privacy policy and all information must be true, legal, correct and you must have the legal right to share the information.
  • Jobs has a rigorous policy towards hate, gender, race or religious abuse or other forms of cyberbullying - any individual deemed to be in breach of this policy will be summarily removed along with their entire content.

    3.2 Service Availability
    The services provided by FrontFoot.Jobs may vary from time to time and price changes may occur. We will notify you of any relevant information in advance.

    3.3 Other Content, Sites and Apps
    FrontFoot.Jobs takes no responsibility for use of third party content, all content is posted at your own risk and FrontFoot.Jobs holds no legal liability for content which is inaccurate, illegal, false, offensive or otherwise harmful. our use of others’ content and information posted on our Services, is at your own risk.

    3.4 Intellectual Property Rights
    FrontFoot.Jobs reserves the right to its intellectual property including but not limited to logo’s trademarks, graphics and images. The reuse of these is strictly forbidden without prior written approval.
  • 5 Candidate/Job Seeker suggestions.
    The data held on you may be used to create a profile of candidates who could be suitable given your profile and posting history. We reserve the right to inform you of any potential candidates/job seekers who are identified as being of interest to you. To ensure accuracy we request you keep your profile as accurate and relevant as possible.
  • Disclaimer and Limit of Liability
    4.1 No Warranty

    FrontFoot.Jobs legally disclaim any liability for the quality, safety or reliability of the service. This is our disclaimer of legal liability for the quality, safety, or reliability of our Services.

    4.2 Exclusion of Liability

    The legal limitations of any contract will be for agreements beyond this contract - for this contract no legal liability is accepted for any loss or damage caused. The liability lays solely with the company hiring to carry out their own due diligence in all cases.
  • Termination
    FrontFoot.Jobs and any member reserves the right to cancel this contract at any point by paying any outstanding contractual balance in full. However on cessation of the agreement all access to FrontFoot.jobs will cease with immediate effect.
  • Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
    In the event of a legal dispute all legal matters will be dealt with in the courts of England under English law.
  • General Terms
    Here are some important details about the Contract.
    In the event a court finds part or parts of this contract unenforceable you agree the remainder of the clauses shall be jointly and severally considered to continue to be in force. You may not assign or transfer this Contract, without prior written consent, to anyone. However, you agree that FrontFoot.Jobs may assign this Contract to any company which buys FrontFoot.Jobs.
  • FrontFoot.Jobs “Dos and Dont’s”

    FrontFoot is designed for Veterans, service personnel, reservists and their families to find work.

    8.1. Dos
    You agree that you will:
    • Inform FrontFoot.Jobs on successful hiring of a candidate to ensure they receive the after care package offered.
    • Jobs ask for a donation of £365 when hiring an individual - this is donated to FrontFoot.Life charity which provides 12 months support to your new employee to ensure they remain with you.
    • Allow access to the new employee and their line manager to the appointed, trained transition manager to ensure any issues are caught quickly and resolved.
    • Comply with all legal requirements.
    • Provide true and accurate information at all times.


  • 2. Don’ts
    You agree not to:
    • Create fake job listings for any purpose.
    • Use private information for any purpose other than processing job applications. Many ex service personnel have sensitive information and this needs to be fully respected.
    • Sell services unless through specific channels designed for this purpose through FrontFoot.Jobs.
    • Mislead, falsify or manipulate any member.
    • Act unprofessionally toward any member.


  • Complaints
    FrontFoot.Jobs takes complaints exceptionally seriously. Contact admin@FrontFoot.Jobs in the first instance with a full description, screen shots and with a subject title “Complaint”
  • Contacting Us
    Contact us at admin@FrontFoot.Jobs for all queries in the first instance.